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The Plant Path

Oct 8, 2018

I always like to say that every client you see is a chapter in your experiential book of learning herbal medicine. And that is the very best book you can get to learn about how to use plants effectively.

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to treat a condition I’d never treated before… hemorrhoids.

This can be a bit of an embarrassing condition for people, and they might dance around what’s really going on with them and not outright say it.

While I had learned about what hemorrhoids are in school and knew what main herbs are commonly used to treat them, I literally had no idea how painful, uncomfortable, and challenging they can be for people!

This person had been using conventional over-the-counter treatments to try and alleviate their discomfort, and they worked (a little), but the condition just kept getting worse. This is because they focus only on topical treatment, rather than working on the body from the inside out.

Something like a hemorrhoid is an external manifestation of a deeper level of imbalance within the system, what the old doctors would refer to as a “relaxed tissue state.” This ecological imbalance within the tone of the tissues is treated with a single primary herbal action: astringents, which help to tighten up and tonify tissues that have become overly loose, lax and weakened.

Here you’ll learn the specific formula I used for this person and how powerful it was to turn around their condition, bring swift symptomatic relief, and most importantly, correct the underlying physiological imbalance that was the ultimate root cause of the symptom. I was actually amazed at how quickly this formula worked, especially after conventional treatments had been used for weeks to no avail.




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Sajah Popham, founder of Organic Unity and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, is committed to creating a new paradigm of plant medicine anchored in herbal, medical, and spiritual traditions from around the world. His work integrates the science and spirit of herbal medicine, creating a system that is equally holistic, healing and transformational. His unique synthesis bridges herbalism not only east and west, but north & south, above & below, into a universal philosophy that encompasses indigenous wisdom, Ayurveda, western Alchemy and Spagyrics, Astrology, clinical herbalism, and modern pharmacology. 

Sajah's vitalist approach utilizes plants not only for physical healing and rejuvenation, but for the evolution of consciousness. He never allopathicallyl focuses on just what a plant is “good for” but rather who the plants are as sentient beings. Sajah’s teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife where he teaches at his school, makes spagyric medicines, and practices his healing art. For more information about his products and programs, visit & 




The Plant Path provides unique perspectives for the modern practitioner of herbalism that doesn’t just want to “fix what’s broken” in the body, but seeks to serve others with deeper levels of healing and transformation with herbal medicines.

A unique synergy of clinical herbalism, alchemy, medical astrology, and herbal traditions from around the world, The Plant Path focuses on giving you a truly “wholistic” perspective on herbal medicine so you never fall into the trap of allopathic herbalism.