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The Plant Path

Sep 14, 2017

Let’s face it, people want deeper levels of healing these days. Most are starting to realize that a physical symptom in the body is actually and oftentimes directly influenced by the mind and emotions. Some are even thinking that maybe their physical symptoms are there because of their psychological and emotional state!

This is revolutionary to say the least. Because for a very long time we have always thought of the body and the mind as separate- that they are distinct entities and couldn’t possibly influence one another. Not only do most of experiences contradict that kind of thinking, but modern science does now too. It is showing that the body and mind are in fact not separate, but are 2 ends of one spectrum.

So if we think about herbal medicines within this context, we could infer that because a plant is working upon the body then they are also working upon the mind. From flower essences and plant spirits, to spagyrics and other alchemically prepared medicines (and by alchemically prepared I mean done according to the western tradition of real alchemy), many herbalists are starting to address their clients psychological and emotional well being with plants.

Unfortunately, most herbalists do not have psychology degrees, or any sort of system that connects their plants to how to address the mind. This is where astrology truly shines!!