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The Plant Path

Feb 7, 2018

Today we’re joined by Southwest herbalist Darcey Blue for a special Imbolc episode. In this episode, we discuss the potency of this sacred time of year and how to align with the energies that are coming alive right now.

Upon this threshold between late winter & early spring, is the time where seeds are beginning to stir within the belly of the Earth Mother. In this fast paced modern world where our lives run on a different kind of clock & calendar than the rest of nature, it's easy to lose touch with the subtle signs that portend the shifting of the seasons. And yet every system of traditional medicine recognizes the importance of living in congruence with these natural cycles for optimal health & vitality.  

The ancestral wisdom shared by Darcey in this episode sheds light on how we can connect more deeply with nature within and all around us through the wheel of the year. She shares specific plant allies & practices which can help you to harmonize with the earth cycles and energies of this time of year around Imbolc.




Darcey Blue is the founder of Shamana Flora Apothecary and Sacred Wildness. She is a Devotee of the Sacred Wild, an Earth Medicine guide, shamanic herbalist & wild crafter.  

She has studied plant medicine & shamanic lifeways and practices for over 10 years in the United States and in Peru. She was trained as a Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism under Paul Bergner, and studied under Rosemary Gladstar and Charlie Kane. Darcey is a Mesa Medicine Carrier, Wilderness First Responder, Earth Medicine & Nature Guide and Shamanic Herbalist.  

It is her deep love of the wild Earth that fuels her passion for healing and teaching about sacred wilderness, spirit, deep connection and relationship with nature, and healing. She see Nature as her greatest ally and teacher, the Earth as her sanctuary, and seeding Sacred Wildness her purpose.

You can learn more about her products + offerings here:

and you can find her online courses, including "Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles" which we talked about in this episode here:





Whitney Popham is an herbal practitioner and educator, pollinating the medicine of the plants to bring healing & beauty into the world. She has devoted her life to being a humble vessel for the plants to touch people's lives and do their healing work through her. Her calling to herbalism began from a deep passion for activism and a vision for creating healing and positive change in the world.

Through her own health challenges as a young adult, she experienced the profound healing gifts of plant medicines and then committed her life to helping others reach vibrant levels of health. In her clinical practice she facilitates healing on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of health through the multifaceted lens of herbalism, nutrition and Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching.

She lives in the serene beauty of Southern Oregon with her husband Sajah Popham, where they live and work together on their 120 acre homestead in the mountains. Together they founded The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where they teach clinical and transformational plant medicine to heal people, culture and planet through their online programs they offer year-round and workshops they have on the land. She prepares traditional Spagyric herbal remedies from the lineage of Hermetic Alchemy through their product line, Organic Unity, which are used by doctors & practitioners around the world. 




The Plant Path provides unique perspectives for the modern practitioner of herbalism that doesn’t just want to “fix what’s broken” in the body, but seeks to serve others with deeper levels of healing and transformation with herbal medicines.

A unique synergy of clinical herbalism, alchemy, medical astrology, and herbal traditions from around the world, The Plant Path focuses on giving you a truly “wholistic” perspective on herbal medicine so you never fall into the trap of allopathic herbalism.




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